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A call to Buffy and Angel authors

This is a call to all scholars, critics, or anybody! who has ever written about the Buffyverse. In 2011 McFarland & Co. will be publishing my Bibliographic Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel – a complete guide to everything published.  I have collected & annotated thousands of items, and I am beating the bushes for any stray work that may still be out there.  I am looking for:

  • Journal, newspaper, & magazine articles
  • Books
  • Essays in collections & anthologies
  • Chapters in books
  • Dissertations & theses (published and unpublished)
  • Conference papers (web or print published)
  • Novels, short stories
  • Reviews of any Buffyverse materials
  • Comics
  • Reference & guide books
  • Non-English language materials
  • CDs & DVDs, documentaries, music
  • Radio & TV broadcasts
  • Derivative unlicensed work (parodies, fanfic, vids etc)
  • Posters, art books, sketchbooks, any other print materials

Unpublished conference papers are not included. However, if they have been published anywhere, including on the web, they are included.

A new Table of Contents for the book is here.

If you, or anyone you know, has produced anything on Buffy, Angel, Fray, Season 8, etc, please drop me a line with your name.  I will send back to you everything that I have under your name.  If anything is missing, send the details to me and I’ll include it. Alternatively, send me your Buffy bibliography, and I’ll check it against what I have already.

My cutoff for the date of publication for any item is 31 Dec. 2009 (that’s the date of publication of your work). The emphasis is on “published” material (liberal interpretation – web-only essays, papers & articles are fine)

If you know anybody else who has written about the Buffyverse, please forward them this web address.  The more the merrier…

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